About us


The best connection for you

Tech-Sure knows that more and more businesses are communicating with their client base by email, not only are businesses communicating more over the internet they are also hosting business operating systems in the cloud.

Systems such as Microsoft office, sage and a multitude of Customer Relationship Management systems are all being moved off site to reduce costs on expensive servers and keeping them cool. This all means the demand on the internet has increased for lots of businesses. Tech-sure are well placed to advise on what is the best connection for you. Whether that be ADSL products, MPLS, Fibre to the cabinet, Local Loop unbundled, Ethernet First Mile or a dedicated Ethernet line, we can help!

Mobile Communications

Mobile Communications is an important aspect of business. We can not only provide hardware and network packages to suit but here at Tech-Sure we can make that mobile an extension of your telephone system. This means that you can communicate with everyone you need to no matter where you are and the person you’re speaking to won’t know if your at your desk in the office, home or on the golf course.

Feature rich

Does the cost of your telephony just keep going up and up? Hosted telephony may be the answer. with a simple “per seat” pricing structure you will always know what the costs are. Our hosted platform is feature rich with all the usual telephony functions but also the add ons which have always seemed not worth the price, such as call recording and reporting built in.

Flexible working solution

The easy to use portal will allow you the power to change extension names and to set the rights of that user. You can set up your own hunt groups and call routing. This is also ideal for disaster recovery as the portal access will allow you to point individual extensions to alternative numbers such as home numbers or a mobile. This platform will also allow you to operate a flexible working solution for staff.